If you compromise do you truly believe ? If you stop now did you really start ? I say all of this to let you know that if your dream is in God’s plan there will be no need for a plan b. Experience has taught me to eliminate any plans that don’t involve God. In my generation I see that a lot of us compromising when the plan was and is to simply push through.

There are several things in this life that require pain in order to succeed. For example a woman has to endure the pain of labor in order to give birth. A basketball player experiences excruciating pain daily in order to succeed professionally. Investors loose millions before actually gaining wealth. My point is quite simple, if you don’t learn how to push past the pain you will not make it to your complete purpose. If comfort is what you are looking for comfort then this blog is not for you. I write this to awaken the true gift inside of you. That locked up vision that you drown with countless hours of facebook and Instagram. Before you behead me I am not here to condemn you criticize you or reject you.

My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you. Plans to give you hope and not to harm you.” This verse is truly foundational for an everyday entrepreneur. Once you truly realize that this concept called life is in the control of God. You begin to hand over you will to God. Submission to his authority allows you to live freely understanding that nothing is more important than pleasing him. Unlocking the gift which you were born with begins with submission to Jesus Christ as lord and savior over your life.

In his 33 years of life on earth Jesus didn’t compromise to sin. So if you are a believer how can you compromise to sin ? At the end the work you produce will be a reflection of whom you believe in. If you believe in God there should be no plan b. The lord will provide you directions on your purpose. He is the engineer of life his way is always right. Once again I plead with you, please don’t compromise on the plans that God has for you.