Crawl, Walk, Run & Jump But Never Stop.


Look we have all hit our threshold at some point. Today I want to be a little more vulnerable with you. It is easy to quit and hard to start. In life I have learned that things stay in motion tend to keep moving forward. Un-forgiveness, jealousy and the past have away of keeping people stagnant. God revealed to me that the consistency I was looking for was dependent upon my ability to look for him in every situation. Our own will power has a very distinct end. I trust God for every move big or small all the glory belongs to him. Rather than patiently wait on him to move many of us are moving prior to God’s will. If we allow our own pride & ego will dictate our destiny we will ultimately fall to a very certain demise. The truth is that God has equipped you everything that you need. Unlike many other countries we are blessed with an abundant of resources. The gift inside of you is laying dormant because you lay dormant full of excuses, doubt and worry.

So many of us are dictated by the numbers of followers we have. We have become a culture consumed by fame, notoriety and self righteousness. In this million dollar conversation I want to assist those who have failed to understand the purpose that God has given them. Let me remind you that you were chosen for a reason. God never makes a mistake he is the God of yesterday, tomorrow and forevermore. We often stop because we failed to think soberly. Our dependency on our own will power has made some of disregard Jesus. I encourage you to give credit where credit is due. You didn’t know how you made it but somehow you did. Give Jesus his glory he gave you the ability to even be alive to see it through.

I was watching a documentary on youtube about the masai warriors in Kenya. This nomadic group of Africans lived in mud huts and they mostly tend to there cows and eat from there surroundings. The documentary began talking about how the children of the masai walked 10-15 miles just to get to school. Some of children featured on this documentary were between the ages 4-9. Walking through dangerous paths where hyenas, lions and deadly elephants awaited them. These children walked boldly towards there destiny. They understood that education was an escape route for the children. Therefore the parents made a necessary sacrifice in order for their children to reach their destiny. In the same way God allows us to walk through desert at times. Even though the lions and hyenas are in the midst he allows us to face each test because they remind us to be dependent on him.

So as you walk your journey towards your God ordained destiny remember to crawl, walk, run and jump but no matter what do not stop. The memories we cherish are truly not at the end of our destiny but what we did to get to our destiny. I know that the journey has been long and you have fought with your fears and doubt but today pray to God for strength, guidance and wisdom. This race was meant for you and only you. STOP making the excuses don’t blame anyone else for your delay. It’s just a delay God never said stop nor did he say no. You cant have a testimony if you haven’t been tested rejoice in the trials just as you would in the blessing.

So once more I plead with you to run this race towards God’s will and not your own. Let every opportunity count let every failure be just another lesson you have what it takes. Remember he has equipped you with his word he has called you blessed and highly favored. What more do you need in order to see this through ? It is a matter of choice. What do yo choose to do today ? Do you depend on God or do you depend on yourself ? crawl, walk, run, jump but my dear brothers and sisters do not stop.


Breaking The Mold

breaking the mold.png

When life takes it’s shape we often find a mold and try our best to fit in it. Some may debate that there isn’t a one size fits all mold for life. As believers we have cried, shouted and been frustrated at the whirlwind of situations that life throws our way. I woke up tonight and decided to write this blog to remind myself that me & my wife are breaking the mold. No it isn’t just a financial mold but also a spiritual mold. There is a point in your walk with Christ where it just seems as if you have hit a glass ceiling. I have declared war against fear and it’s adversaries. Fear tells you that you deserve to sulk in your emotions. It takes those emotions and stagnates any growth in your life. I have learned so much since our business has soft launched. God has revealed to me that effectiveness is a trait that requires obedience.

On a trip to Santa Monica, California I began to walk around a city full of millionaires, models, directors and movie stars. Yet for some strange reason everyone who had the so called life was eerily miserable. With every fancy car that passed by there was always a newer fancier one that drove by. For the longest I thought breaking the mold involved a big bank account and a mansion that me and my wife can live in. Sitting in one of the french restaurants sipping on iced water because I couldn’t read the french soda options on the menu. Our waiter began rapping the lunch specials with a rapid cadence. Eating tough bread dipped in olive oil I began to wonder why was I there. My point is that whenever you haven’t experienced something new you often begin to judge it before you experience it. I say this because I already created a preconceived notion of my atmosphere, the food and people even before fully experience it.

Breaking the mold begins with dying to yourself. Everything that our society discusses often begins with the statement “I fell like”. Feelings are like truly temporary and the enemy occupies these moments and uses them as distractions. As for me and my family the mold has been broken. We will no longer spend another moment in fear of tomorrow because God beholds the future. Once I landed in Dallas all I wanted was my wife, family and simple meal. The truth about life is that there is nothing wrong with simple or fancy. Express yourself in the way the lord created you. I don’t fit in what society calls a modern day black man. God has created me to be uniquely Tweety. A one of a kind name for a one of a kind man. I pray you enjoy these blogs cause I love opening the door to our lives to you in the form of this blog.


million $ conversations, Christian

Get out of your way

Today I write to you not just to encourage you but to remind you that you are in the way. The clarity you have been in search of is being hindered by your reflection. Too many people are driving to there destiny while looking at the rear view. Excuse my improper English for a second but ain’t nobody looking backwards gonna go forward. You’ve limited your purpose by pursuing your errors,blaming yourself, blaming others & ultimately walking in self pity.

This mindset that we carry erodes our entire life. Our character & morals predicate our ultimate purpose. I found out years ago that I was my worst enemy. Let me explain even as a teenager I knew that I was gifted in many areas. I suffered internally understanding which direction should I pursue. My options were plenty so I chose all of them. With no hesitation I tried being the “token black guy” as embarrassing as it is the truth is I just wanted to fit in.

As I climbed in different rabbit holes trying to appease this person and that person. God quickly reminded me that everyone in the circle can be wrong yet someone will want to join the circle. See friends it’s easier to join the bigger circle rather than a small one. The small circle required me to strip myself of all my selfishness, the circle had requirements and it embraced me with love. This circle was God’s church.

Your biggest hater is never out there in the world he or she is actually in between your ears. You maybe dealing with worry, unbelief, self doubt and whatever else you found out on google. But I will tell you the truth that even you don’t want to hear. All of the things you wanted to accomplish never happened because you got in the way. You fought against God, you ran away from your purpose, you willfully gave away your inheritance like the prodigal son.

So now that you see yourself in this new reflection and circle. I plead with you to find that small circle. Learn how to distinguish the truth. Discernment is a great tool but without Christ it’s nothing. Get out of your bag matter fact pack up all of your negativity and zip up the bag. Walk to your destiny with boldness and courage. Ain’t nobody gonna stop me from receiving God’s blessings. Believe Dat !!! Lol we love y’all keep hustling.


million $ conversations, Christian

You Started ..Now What ?

Business Proposal.png

There is a distinction between starting & finishing. Although obvious I believe that most of us are searching for purpose with the wrong intent. Of lately God has been broadening my perspective on purpose. A few questions you may have asked yourself are who am I ? why am I here ? and lastly what is my purpose ? These questions aim to seek ones origin and true identity. The crisis most people face when starting a business, marriage, relationship..etc is that they don’t know who they are, who they belong to and why are they here. This identity crisis limits one’s full potential and often sends them in a whirlwind full of compromise, terrible decisions and unfulfilled purpose.

In each and every one of us there is a longing to belong to someone or something. I remember as child growing up in Kenya life was so carefree days flew by and nights were filled with peace. As a child my imagination was wild, so wild I would soar from buildings and bust open face and loose my two front teeth. The next day I would go back and jump again. The innocence in me radically faded as adolescence approached I approached decisions with caution and became deaf to authority. Far too often we let our situations dictate our direction when God is calling us to soar. As a man I realized that the challenges that I faced as an adolescent were related to a lack of commitment to God. He is simply my purpose. I serve him in all I do and that is fulfilling my purpose. So whether I write a book or start a business with my wife. I understand that Jesus is my why. What is your why ?

Have you ever heard of the saying “look at the blind leading the blind”. Well just know that how you start is truly how you finish. An illustration that comes to mind is imagine if you are not in need of glasses your eyesight was perfect. You read an article online that wearing glasses will increase your chances in getting a job. You go to an interview and you don’t get the job. Do you blame the glasses, the article, yourself or your perspective job ? The error that you made was self inflected, you wasted your time money and effort by starting incorrectly. The problem is that instead of preparing for the interview you were reading a random article about glasses. Most of us find ourselves in this stagnant mindset that causes us to be easily distracted. How you start is how you finish. There’s simply is no other way to put it.

So now that you are here whether you started yesterday a month ago or even 6 years ago. My question to you is now what ? Do not let the fear of starting hinder you but also remain with a plan. Remember these questions who am I ? why am I here ? and lastly what is my purpose ? From hustler to hustler I want to say keep praying for clarity. If God said it he will provide. He will provide not just a way, a provision, a map, a guide and all that you need. When I apply God’s word I can truly testify and say that it is true. As I close I simply want to thank all of the hustler’s out there. Thank you for the out pour. We will lead in example by remaining consistent, trusting God and putting him first.

Coffee, Christian, million $ conversations

Perfect Work

Hello, Dreamers

It has been a while since we last talked but I would like to give an update on where we are in the launch process. Every morning I wake up anxious to launch but God reminds me “to be anxious for nothing but steadfast in everything.” (Phil 4:6) In between starting a new career and taking care of our wonderful dog Morocco. Our schedule’s have often been conflicting. I pen this blog to let you know that the journey to launch has been far from easy. When I think of a perfect work I immediately think of Jesus on the cross.

The completion of delegated tasks is important in any business. As we work to launch this business I pray for patience, long suffering and ultimately God’s will to be full-filled through this platform. I trust God through it all. I know the impact this community will have, will be beneficial to the Kingdom of God. This journey has been met with a lot of challenging moments. I thank my wife for being so relentless in her pursuit to assisting me finish this website. She is my inspiration and I wouldn’t pick a better co-owner than her. As you are reading this we have launched the website and business is booming.

This intent of this blog is to uplift, encourage and motivate christian entrepreneurs both near and far. I welcome you to the million dollar conversations. Where we share our daily entrepreneurial lives through stories, pictures and art. With that being said feel free to submit your addition to our blog. It is my joy to see the Kingdom of God gain influence through this platform. I challenge you to apply the wisdom that you receive from this community to your life and business. A perfect work, is serving the lord in everything that you do. Let your lifestyle speak louder than the words that come out your mouth. It’s important that as you are maturing in Christ daily. Remember you are a representative of his Kingdom. This means that even your business is created to serve him.

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As we prepare to launch our website I have become overwhelmed with joy. You may be wondering what does coffee have to do with Jesus ? Let me explain coffee to me provides clarity and gets me started on my daily activities. Jesus anchors me and guides me throughout the day. These two components provide utter peace to a hectic daily routine that consists of work tasks, personal goals and running multiple businesses.

Early in the morning I begin the day by reading the bible and praying to Jesus before I brew a cup of hustle. I then check my phone for any work emails before sipping on coffee. This time of the day is vital to the success of my day. I know that we are creature of habits but I am specific in routine and prefer keeping a steady routine. In this season of my life I have learned to depend on God at all times especially in the morning. In this season my prayer has been “lord please guide me today make a clear path for & allow me to adhere to your holy spirit.”

What we have created at hustleblendz is a lifestyle brand. While our competitors provide coffee, we aim to present a lifestyle brand that can assist you in your daily hustle. Without coffee & Jesus I feel incomplete. In our household we strive to complete tasks that we have been assigned by God. We believe that God has blessed us with this company therefore we honor him daily through this blog and our company. Our goal is to create an altruistic brand that focuses on the greater good which is Jesus Christ.

As common as coffee is what makes our coffee uncommon and unique is the emphasis we have on quality products and excellent customer service. Whilst you chase you dreams we are praying for you whoever you are wherever you are. Our prayer is that this company blesses you with coffee, faith and inspiration. As each day approaches to our launch date I remain encouraged that the pressure we are internally facing as a family is strengthening our faith and our businesses. Thank you for being a part of this company we consider each customer family.