Why Not?

The question you need to ask God is lord use me for your will. It’s so easy to give up on a dream but so difficult to begin your dream. This month I have shifted my perspective and permanently erased the word impossible from my vocabulary. With God all things are possible. Not just some things but all things. Therefore ask yourself why not you ? Too many times do we speak evil over our purpose. I have caught myself saying things like “oh I’ll never make it that far”, “how will I make it with no support?” Imagine if you live your life believing that you missed your opportunity years ago. Millions of people are facing this very issue. Opportunity is presented to everyone its just a matter of what you do with your chance. So you have an idea why not write it down ? The enemy has a destructive nature he steals what is rightfully yours and he sell’s you a lie in return.

Why not dream more ? Why not trust God ? Why not pray ? Why not start that business ? I tell you what you’ve given yourself too many excuses and not enough actions. Take a step each day into your destiny. As our business is growing I can only imagine if we never believed in what God said. The greatest strength you can have is love. We love serving you and we write this blog to remind you that you also can do it. As a child I knew that God had called me to something greater. I never really understood what that was. As an adult I have fully understood that I was simply called to serve him. The challenge you maybe facing is a lack of foundation therefore your faith in God is also withering away.

Pray about your dreams don’t just give up. Ask God for clear concise practical direction. A lot of us refuse to talk to God about our business because we already know that the business doesn’t line up with God’s word. We scream why not me with the new house ? why not me with the new car ? Instead of trusting God to direct us to our path we tend to veer lanes and collide with jealousy. We lack originality when we refuse to walk within the confines of our purpose. So as you seek your why not moment this month. Don’t allow materialistic things be your why not ? Materials are only temporary and they won’t last always. Seek God and all these things will be given unto you.