She Matters.


She matters to me. Every atom in her exudes her elegance. Peace be to the wife that strengthens me. With each brick she solidifies our fortress. I’ve seen her pray fervently for me. When we are one limits have to move and impossibilities become a reality. You Patrice have taught me to complete. You patiently withstood the trials of the enemy and you saw the potential in me. I remember when I first met Patrice I was 20 years old. I didn’t have a job & neither was I looking for one…#bumlife I always wondered what does this woman see in me ? I had braces, I weighed in at a whopping 150 and truth be told I wasn’t that attractive back then. She saw past the ugly duckling features and saw my captivating charm and potential to be a man.

The days passed and me and Patrice were inseparable. For the duration of our relationship me and Patrice have talked every single day. Time never separated us and anger never divided us. Each day we grow stronger and for the past 5 years I have grown to appreciate all that you are to me. With constant edifying words Patrice poured herself to me. As each year passed I loved her more and I knew that she would be my wife. The day came and after months of working at Kroger and Uber driving I finally had enough to buy a wedding ring. On our wedding day I saw her gliding yet again down the aisle exposing her beauty to me oh what a moment it was. That was a day that marked the introduction of us the Angwenyi’s.

What I love the most about my wife is that her heart is so pure. I love the fact that she serves to the point of completion. She defines the meaning of a Godly wife. We spend most our days laughing and having fun. We can sit on a swing and people watch all day together. We are not relationship goals nor do we have aspire to be. Our love is unique and authentic al by itself. Through thick and thin you stood by me. boldly proclaiming that is my husband and I’m the luckiest woman on earth. Ok maybe I’m boosting myself a little. She matters to me without her I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Truly like the bible says “I found a good thing.”

She matters to me nothing in this world can replace her. Truly I seek to shower you with love each day. Patrice is so wise beyond her years. She is honest, loving, giving and transparent. If you’re reading this now Patrice I want to let you that I love you, I cherish you. I am proud of all that you for me our business and family.. you are the love of my life and you matter to me.