Roasted coffee has been apart of my childhood ever since I can remember. Born in Kenya I am no stranger to coffee and tea. Our medium roast coffee is a masterpiece made from the Kirunyanga farm in Kenya. We value authentic specialty coffee that is smooth and full of flavor.

Every coffee bean is not made equal. Cup after cup, specialty coffees from Kenya offer remarkable clarity of flavor, clean sweetness, and a vibrant acidity. This is due to several factors – including soil content, a commitment at the individual-level to quality, and curated varietals of coffee cherry – but we’ll expand here on the unique processing method.

After picking ripe coffee cherry, fruit is quickly delivered to central processing locations, where underripe and overripes are sorted out to be processed with lower-quality graded lots. Cherries are pulped by squeezing through screens that separate the pulp from the interior seed/coffee bean. The seeds are then fermented in ceramic tile tanks full of clean spring water for 24-hours. Up until this point, this would be considered processing of exceptional quality in any country – but the Kenyan method goes further.

After 24-hours, coffee is agitated thoroughly, then fermented a second 24-hours. After this second day, the fermented water and remaining coffee pulp on the bean are washed off with clean water and soaked again overnight. This step is thought to encourage the coffee bean to germinate again, which contributes to extra sweetness and complexity. The beans are then sorted by screen size – classified as “AA” for the largest (though not necessarily “best”) beans, and “AB” for the everything else. Finally, the beans are slowly dried over raised beds over 1-3 weeks under supervision. Upon reaching optimal moisture levels for export (11.5 – 12%), beans rest in conditioning bins until heading to the dry mill. This last step has recently been adopted in origins across the world.

Coffees from Kenya can display a sharpness of acidity like grapefruit rind, herbal notes, and sweet cherry tomato, but the best lots when well-roasted offer notes of black currant, winey acidity, and complex fruits from sweet citrus to tropical and stone fruits.


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You Started ..Now What ?

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There is a distinction between starting & finishing. Although obvious I believe that most of us are searching for purpose with the wrong intent. Of lately God has been broadening my perspective on purpose. A few questions you may have asked yourself are who am I ? why am I here ? and lastly what is my purpose ? These questions aim to seek ones origin and true identity. The crisis most people face when starting a business, marriage, relationship..etc is that they don’t know who they are, who they belong to and why are they here. This identity crisis limits one’s full potential and often sends them in a whirlwind full of compromise, terrible decisions and unfulfilled purpose.

In each and every one of us there is a longing to belong to someone or something. I remember as child growing up in Kenya life was so carefree days flew by and nights were filled with peace. As a child my imagination was wild, so wild I would soar from buildings and bust open face and loose my two front teeth. The next day I would go back and jump again. The innocence in me radically faded as adolescence approached I approached decisions with caution and became deaf to authority. Far too often we let our situations dictate our direction when God is calling us to soar. As a man I realized that the challenges that I faced as an adolescent were related to a lack of commitment to God. He is simply my purpose. I serve him in all I do and that is fulfilling my purpose. So whether I write a book or start a business with my wife. I understand that Jesus is my why. What is your why ?

Have you ever heard of the saying “look at the blind leading the blind”. Well just know that how you start is truly how you finish. An illustration that comes to mind is imagine if you are not in need of glasses your eyesight was perfect. You read an article online that wearing glasses will increase your chances in getting a job. You go to an interview and you don’t get the job. Do you blame the glasses, the article, yourself or your perspective job ? The error that you made was self inflected, you wasted your time money and effort by starting incorrectly. The problem is that instead of preparing for the interview you were reading a random article about glasses. Most of us find ourselves in this stagnant mindset that causes us to be easily distracted. How you start is how you finish. There’s simply is no other way to put it.

So now that you are here whether you started yesterday a month ago or even 6 years ago. My question to you is now what ? Do not let the fear of starting hinder you but also remain with a plan. Remember these questions who am I ? why am I here ? and lastly what is my purpose ? From hustler to hustler I want to say keep praying for clarity. If God said it he will provide. He will provide not just a way, a provision, a map, a guide and all that you need. When I apply God’s word I can truly testify and say that it is true. As I close I simply want to thank all of the hustler’s out there. Thank you for the out pour. We will lead in example by remaining consistent, trusting God and putting him first.