Breaking The Mold

breaking the mold.png

When life takes it’s shape we often find a mold and try our best to fit in it. Some may debate that there isn’t a one size fits all mold for life. As believers we have cried, shouted and been frustrated at the whirlwind of situations that life throws our way. I woke up tonight and decided to write this blog to remind myself that me & my wife are breaking the mold. No it isn’t just a financial mold but also a spiritual mold. There is a point in your walk with Christ where it just seems as if you have hit a glass ceiling. I have declared war against fear and it’s adversaries. Fear tells you that you deserve to sulk in your emotions. It takes those emotions and stagnates any growth in your life. I have learned so much since our business has soft launched. God has revealed to me that effectiveness is a trait that requires obedience.

On a trip to Santa Monica, California I began to walk around a city full of millionaires, models, directors and movie stars. Yet for some strange reason everyone who had the so called life was eerily miserable. With every fancy car that passed by there was always a newer fancier one that drove by. For the longest I thought breaking the mold involved a big bank account and a mansion that me and my wife can live in. Sitting in one of the french restaurants sipping on iced water because I couldn’t read the french soda options on the menu. Our waiter began rapping the lunch specials with a rapid cadence. Eating tough bread dipped in olive oil I began to wonder why was I there. My point is that whenever you haven’t experienced something new you often begin to judge it before you experience it. I say this because I already created a preconceived notion of my atmosphere, the food and people even before fully experience it.

Breaking the mold begins with dying to yourself. Everything that our society discusses often begins with the statement “I fell like”. Feelings are like truly temporary and the enemy occupies these moments and uses them as distractions. As for me and my family the mold has been broken. We will no longer spend another moment in fear of tomorrow because God beholds the future. Once I landed in Dallas all I wanted was my wife, family and simple meal. The truth about life is that there is nothing wrong with simple or fancy. Express yourself in the way the lord created you. I don’t fit in what society calls a modern day black man. God has created me to be uniquely Tweety. A one of a kind name for a one of a kind man. I pray you enjoy these blogs cause I love opening the door to our lives to you in the form of this blog.