Crawl, Walk, Run & Jump But Never Stop.


Look we have all hit our threshold at some point. Today I want to be a little more vulnerable with you. It is easy to quit and hard to start. In life I have learned that things stay in motion tend to keep moving forward. Un-forgiveness, jealousy and the past have away of keeping people stagnant. God revealed to me that the consistency I was looking for was dependent upon my ability to look for him in every situation. Our own will power has a very distinct end. I trust God for every move big or small all the glory belongs to him. Rather than patiently wait on him to move many of us are moving prior to God’s will. If we allow our own pride & ego will dictate our destiny we will ultimately fall to a very certain demise. The truth is that God has equipped you everything that you need. Unlike many other countries we are blessed with an abundant of resources. The gift inside of you is laying dormant because you lay dormant full of excuses, doubt and worry.

So many of us are dictated by the numbers of followers we have. We have become a culture consumed by fame, notoriety and self righteousness. In this million dollar conversation I want to assist those who have failed to understand the purpose that God has given them. Let me remind you that you were chosen for a reason. God never makes a mistake he is the God of yesterday, tomorrow and forevermore. We often stop because we failed to think soberly. Our dependency on our own will power has made some of disregard Jesus. I encourage you to give credit where credit is due. You didn’t know how you made it but somehow you did. Give Jesus his glory he gave you the ability to even be alive to see it through.

I was watching a documentary on youtube about the masai warriors in Kenya. This nomadic group of Africans lived in mud huts and they mostly tend to there cows and eat from there surroundings. The documentary began talking about how the children of the masai walked 10-15 miles just to get to school. Some of children featured on this documentary were between the ages 4-9. Walking through dangerous paths where hyenas, lions and deadly elephants awaited them. These children walked boldly towards there destiny. They understood that education was an escape route for the children. Therefore the parents made a necessary sacrifice in order for their children to reach their destiny. In the same way God allows us to walk through desert at times. Even though the lions and hyenas are in the midst he allows us to face each test because they remind us to be dependent on him.

So as you walk your journey towards your God ordained destiny remember to crawl, walk, run and jump but no matter what do not stop. The memories we cherish are truly not at the end of our destiny but what we did to get to our destiny. I know that the journey has been long and you have fought with your fears and doubt but today pray to God for strength, guidance and wisdom. This race was meant for you and only you. STOP making the excuses don’t blame anyone else for your delay. It’s just a delay God never said stop nor did he say no. You cant have a testimony if you haven’t been tested rejoice in the trials just as you would in the blessing.

So once more I plead with you to run this race towards God’s will and not your own. Let every opportunity count let every failure be just another lesson you have what it takes. Remember he has equipped you with his word he has called you blessed and highly favored. What more do you need in order to see this through ? It is a matter of choice. What do yo choose to do today ? Do you depend on God or do you depend on yourself ? crawl, walk, run, jump but my dear brothers and sisters do not stop.